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new functions for grabbing various kernel info

I believe ruskie's prob with fuse is because his kernel version and dir name
didn't match (he said that on #sourcemage). In that case it's either a spell
bug to have '--with-kernel=$INSTALL_ROOT/usr/src/linux-$(get_kernel_version)'
in fuse's BUILD, or just an unfortunate matter of fact that these strings
differ on his system. In any case, get_kernel_version worked as it should and
returned the correct version. We will have to think of other ways to allow
differing version and dir names if it becomes an issue.

But back to the original subject. I finally got around to writing the code. To
test them delete the old get_kernel_version, get_sorcery_kernel_config, and
get_running_kernel_config in FUNCTIONS, and append the contents of the

I already ran a few tests that came out OK. Once the code is known to be stable
I'll update FUNCTIONS and all spells that grab kernel info. Here's what I'm
planning to do:

- Replace instances of get_*_kernel_config with get_kernel_config, except where
the occasion requires config info for a specific kernel type,
- replace instances of 'uname -r' with get_kernel_version, except when
get_running_kernel_version is specifically required,
- replace instances of 'installed_version linux' with get_kernel_version,
except when the linux spell version is specifically required.

After all possible spells are using the generic kernel functions we can
instruct people on using them. For this end I thought I'd write two wiki pages,
one about querying kernel info in spells for the devels, and another on how to
build spells against different kernels for the users.

I hope you can look at the code and maybe test it in action.

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