[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 10732] qemu shows a dialog, thus causing cast to not be unattended-able

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Wed Jun 21 17:01:54 EDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From jakakranjc at email.si  2006-06-21 16:01 -------
fixed qemu at baf33dce24d80f9a1553579d4d718b91faa46ecc
will have to wait a bit for kqemu.

btw, config_query always stores a lowercase answer, no need to check for both.

Also, this will be a bit tricky, but config_query isn't really appropriate; 
here is a comment from the glibc spell that explains why plain query is better 
# Don't use config_query here or you'll regret it ;)
# If you do, after a user says 'y' to configuring the locales,
# every subsequent recast will also pop up the locales menu until
# glibc is recast with `cast -r glibc`, which would also remove
# the selected locales and you'd need to reconfigure them again...

Thanks for the patch! :)

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