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------- Additional Comments From acedit at armory.com  2006-06-01 19:59 -------
You confuse the failure of a depends function with the failure of the DEPENDS
file as a whole.

Also, just because cross-grimoire depends is a sorcery feature does not imply
that sorcery will return success in all cases.

Sorcery returns a non-zero return code to the spell because the depends failure.
This is well understood behavior.

The spell (pasively) chose not to interprit that failure, and simply propagated
it back to sorcery by having the entire DEPENDS file fail.

If that dependency is truly optional in terms of building, then the spell should
have handled it appropriatly, not propagated it to sorcery as a fatal error.

This a semantic problem, spells are certainly capable of interpriting the
failure, but they choose not to.

It shouldn't be up to sorcery to determine *why* a DEPENDS file failed and if
the only reasons it failed were because of a certain kind of failure that it
should take some other action. If the failure isn't fatal, then the spell should
handle that appropriatly. Not put the onus back on sorcery because someone
decided to code their DEPENDS file to depend exclusively on spells in another
grimoire (that it doesnt actually need) and then tell sorcery that it had a
fatal error because of user input and to deal with it in some special way. This
is absurd.

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