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------- Additional Comments From seth at swoolley.homeip.net  2006-06-01 18:02 -------
Three points, here.


I'm aware that sorcery doesn't support broken dependencies in the pathological
cases, especially, but this is actually a correct description of dependencies
due to a failure of getting a separate grimoire (a feature of sorcery), and thus
isn't anywhere near pathology.  I maintain that dependency failure should be
appropriately handled in this condition while at the same time agreeing that
other dependency failures due to illogical or incorrect DEPENDS file shouldn't
be a matter of concern for the sorcery team.

That this bug is manifested by pathological cases as well as expected cases
doesn't nullify its validity.


Back to the original bug:

I still agree that this spell should install correctly even if eclipse isn't
there, so the mkdir -p patch is correct.  Eclipse can always be installed later.
 Eclipse is a runtime dependency, correct?  Eclipse would be noted in the
problems list at the end of cast and the user can resolve that issue without
forcing this issue.


And on an interrelated note, I'd like to make sure that the feature of "removing
dependees of failed dependencies" should only apply to build dependencies, not
run-time dependencies such as this to make consistent the above two points.

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