[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 11040] cast failure eclipse-cdt-sdk:swoolley.homeip.net:200604171417

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Thu Jun 1 17:44:10 EDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From seth at swoolley.homeip.net  2006-06-01 16:44 -------
pm-autocast:Made it into pm-autocast.do_initial
Computing previously installed dependencies...
eclipse-cdt-sdk preparing environment...
eclipse-cdt-sdk checking dependencies...
eclipse-cdt-sdk depends on eclipse
eclipse preparing environment...
eclipse checking dependencies...
You dont have any of the grimoires z-rejected.
You must add at least one grimoire to satisfy the dependency.
Get z-rejected grimoire? [n] n
no grimoire for JAVA was retrieved
Removing dependees of eclipse
Collating dependencies...
Spells are to be cast:

sorcery bug -- eclipse-cdt-sdk should have been removed by the "removing
dependees of eclipse" line, but it wasn't probably because it didn't get added
to the dependency graph until after the grimoire handling is done.

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