[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 10585] kdebase: /usr/share/config/kdmrc is overwritten by recast

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Tue Feb 28 14:41:24 EST 2006


------- Additional Comments From eric at sandall.us  2006-02-28 13:41 -------
The proposes PRE_BUILD won't fix the problem as the kdmrc file can be modified
at any time and kdebase can be cast at any time (not just updates). This
PRE_BUILD would only 'save' the kdmrc if kdebase was being cast for a VERSION
change, but wouldn't work for PATCHLEVEL updates or kdebase being triggered
(e.g. on dbus updates/casts).

We could use install_config_file to install it and track it, but we'd still need
some hackery to 'save' the kdmrc file. It might be easier to check if
$INSTALL_ROOT/usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc exists and if so and it has been
modified by the user (I'm not sure how to use Sorcery to check this), then
modify the KDE install to /not/ run genkdmconfig, otherwise let the KDE install
do it's thing (since the kdmrc file would be removed if it hasn't been modified
the genkdmconfig should work fine). This approach may be cleaner than doing the
backup I mentioned earlier.

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