[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 10585] kdebase: /usr/share/config/kdmrc is overwritten by recast

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------- Additional Comments From eric at sandall.us  2006-02-27 14:39 -------
The editing of kdmrc is done via the KDE program `kcontrol`, which modifies the
file directly. We'd have to modify kcontrol to use a kdmrc.local and for kdm to
use kdmrc.local to use it if it exists, otherwise fall back to the 'default kdmrc.

With the installwatch7 work that David Brown is helping Andrew with we should be
able to fix this problem, since the genkdmconfig would modify
$STAGE_ROOT/usr/share/config/kde/kdmrc and we could then check if that is
different from $INSTALL_ROOT/usr/share/config/kde/kdmrc and act appropriatly.
Until then, the best solution, IMO, is to backup
$INSTALL_ROOT/usr/share/config/kde/kdmrc if it has been modified by a user (I'm
ASSuMEing that we can use the Sorcery API to check if a file is modified) and if
so, back it up, install kdebase, then restore kdmrc (in FINAL, so that the
changes aren't tracked by Sorcery and it'd still be marked as modified).

Here's a link from lynxlynxlyx in #sourcemage to the Gentoo ebuild for kdebase:

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