[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13338] procps binaries all segfault

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Tue Dec 19 10:38:20 EST 2006


------- Additional Comments From dkowis at shlrm.org  2006-12-19 09:38 -------
It would appear that procps is broken when building on gcc 4.1.1

<sqweek> make clean; make CFLAGS=-g CC=/opt/gcc34/bin/gcc
<sqweek> env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=proc gdb ps/ps
<sqweek> this is running in /usr/src/procps-3.2.7

THis will produce a working procps. It needs to use gcc 3.4 and it has to have
the CC hack applied because defaultly CC=cc which doesn't exist.

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