[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 10198] Some CFLAGS suggestions

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Tue Dec 5 18:36:59 EST 2006


------- Additional Comments From sobukus at sourcemage.org  2006-12-05 17:36 -------
Eh... not really... now on a smgl x86_64 box:

$ cat > test.c
int main()
return 0;

$ gcc -m32 -c test.c 
$ gcc -m64 -c test.c 
$ gcc -m64 -m32 -c test.c 
$ gcc -m32 -m64 -c test.c  
/tmp/511/ccW0gBwh.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/511/ccW0gBwh.s:7: Error: bad register name `%rbp'
/tmp/511/ccW0gBwh.s:9: Error: bad register name `%rsp'

Seth, it doesn't look that simple to me. But I am humble at this strange half 
64 bit, half 32 bit stuff... I prefer an arch that decides if it is 64 bit or 
32 bit... not both.

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