[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 9626] /etc/skel/.bashrc should not link to .bash_profile

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Sun Sep 4 06:08:19 EDT 2005


benoit.papillault at sourcemage.org changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
         AssignedTo|cauldron at sourcemage.org     |sm-grimoire-
                   |                            |bugs at lists.ibiblio.org
          Component|Installer                   |shell-term-fm
            Product|Install                     |Codex
            Version|0.9.4-test6                 |stable grimoire

------- Additional Comments From benoit.papillault at sourcemage.org  2005-09-04 03:08 -------
Here is an extract of FINAL (bash spell in stable grimoire):

  mkdir  -p  ${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/skel
  mkdir  -p  ${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/profile.d
  if  !  [  -e  ${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/skel/.bash_profile  ] || ! grep -q iteration

  then  cp   ${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/profile  ${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/skel/.bash_profile

  if  !  [  -e  ${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/skel/.bash_logout   ]
  then  cp   $SCRIPT_DIRECTORY/bash_logout  ${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/skel/.bash_logout

  if  !  [  -e  ${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/skel/.bashrc  ]
  then  ln  -sf  .bash_profile  ${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/skel/.bashrc

So, bash spell is creating what you told me it should not. Thus, it's a spell
bug, right? Reassigning to the proper component.

Benoit PAPILLAULT, ISO guru.

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