[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 8912] how to define hardened profile ?

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------- Additional Comments From acedit at armory.com  2005-05-17 18:21 -------
Is this 'profile' a new concept or something i just havent heard about?

I suppose there could be a special tool (or perhaps in the sorcery command) that
brings up a menu for profiles, and sets up a config file somewhere. The tool
could begin life as a fake spell. Spells can then refer to the config data if
they care about it and use it to make decisions. The way im reading this it isnt
much different from use flags just less anarchic so far. Another alternative to
the tool method is a profile spell, like our <desktop env>-profile spells, they
could just setup the config flag somewhere and depend on all the spells we care
about having special flags.

This is largely outside of sorcery since sorcery doesnt really actively
participate in config_query.

The only part that really needs sorcery work is integration with depends
queries, which also could presumably be done in spells:
if [[ $SELINUX_PROFILE ]] ; then
  depends selinux --with-selinux
  optional_depends selinux --with-selinux --without-selinux
I prefer that actually since selecting the profile should hardwire the depends

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