[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 8853] New: make basesystem spells install to a chroot correctly

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Wed May 11 01:53:03 EDT 2005


           Summary: make basesystem spells install to a chroot correctly
           Product: Codex
           Version: devel grimoire
          Platform: Other
        OS/Version: other
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: Unknown
        AssignedTo: acedit at armory.com
        ReportedBy: acedit at armory.com
                CC: sm-grimoire-bugs at lists.ibiblio.org

Its useful for basesystem spells to be capable of installing to an install_root
in such a way that you can chroot into the install_root and have everything
work, and not refer to things outside the install_root. The general solution to
this is bug 8646, however most of the basesystem spells override the defaults.
The only spells that really need to function this way are in basesystem and as
such, need to be converted anyways. Reason being that once the chroot is formed
you can do the rest of the building inside.

This is needed for several applications: convert2smgl.sh, iso generations (for a
clean chroot to build isos from), prometheus needs a chroot, and just for
general chroot generation (i want this to test sorcery stuff without worrying
about trashing stuff). This also demonstrates that we have the right idea with
bug 8646, without applying its methodolgy the install_rooted spells tend to
refer to themselves with a full path including the chroot (this is wrong in this
application). With the methodolgy of 8646 we shouldnt see the install_root
mentioned in the installed files.

Note, that the changes should have little to no effect when install/track_root
are not being used so it should have little impact for the default usage. I will
test all spells I modify in both configurations so to the best of my knowledge
they will not break anything. In a nutshell, im passing INSTALL_ROOT into make
and make install so they know where things are destined, and passing TRACK_ROOT
to configure.

Ive converted a number of spells beneath the basesystem depends tree (all but 2
at the time of writing). I would like to share this and commit it to the
repository. Below is the list of spells I need to modify, if you (the maintainer
of one of those spells) would like me to hold off, or would like to review the
code first please let me know, otherwise I'll commit the code to devel, then
given that there arent any concerns within a reasonable period of time, i'll
commit it to test.

The following spells will be affected:
bash /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/shell-term-fm
binutils /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/devel
bison /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/devel
coreutils /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/utils
cpio /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/archive
dialog /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/utils
diffutils /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/devel
e2fsprogs /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/disk
file /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/utils
findutils /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/utils
flex /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/devel
gawk /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/editors
gettext /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/libs
glibc /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/libs
grep /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/utils
gzip /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/archive
installwatch /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/utils
kbd /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/utils
less /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/utils
m4 /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/devel
make /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/devel
mktemp /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/utils
module-init-tools /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/kernels
nano /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/editors
ncurses /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/libs
patch /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/devel
perl /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/perl-cpan
readline /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/libs
sed /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/editors
shadow /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/security
simpleinit-msb /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/smgl
tar /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/archive
texinfo /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/doc
util-linux /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/utils
wget /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/ftp
zlib /var/lib/sorcery/codex/aaa/archive-libs

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