[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 8657] nvidia_driver spell for X86 and X86_64

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------- Additional Comments From dmlb2000 at excite.com  2005-06-09 12:00 -------
I added a bug to sorcery for a feature request to help in a cleaner solution for
this problem...
Sorcery will provide a variable GENERIC_ARCH which will be an array containing
directory names and the archspec file name
ie: if you have i686 for your archspec
GENERIC_ARCH[0] = ia32
GENERIC_ARCH[1] = i686

ie: if you have pentium4m for your archspec
GENERIC_ARCH[0] = ia32
GENERIC_ARCH[1] = intel
GENERIC_ARCH[2] = pentium4m

ie: if you have k8_64 for your archspec
GENERIC_ARCH[0] = x86-64
GENERIC_ARCH[1] = amd64
GENERIC_ARCH[2] = k8_64

This functionality in sorcery would be entirely based on the directory structure
of the archspecs... so to keep things simple probably a grimoire function would
also be needed just in case the archspecs are either added to or rearranged

The function would return a more generic z-rejected specific arch so spells can
test against it and figure out what they have to install

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