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------- Additional Comments From dmlb2000 at excite.com  2005-06-09 10:45 -------
Well this is a bigger problem for the z-rejected grimoire...
There needs to be some sort of way to tell each spell what arch the grimoire
is being used on. Individual, hacks against each spell is okay but there needs
to be some sort of global z-rejected function that all spells will use to figure
out which arch to cast for. I'm also working on implementing a 'clean' uname
hack that could also help with this ... maybe ...

I'd submit not only a diff for the spell but include a function to add to the
z-rejected FUNCTIONS file so other spells won't have to do the same umane checks

problem with making a global function is that i486 i586 and i686 are all
commonly used archs and are pretty close to interchangable for most people. So
there might need to be some standard returned by the function when we see that
it's an x86 machine

same problem with x86-64 some packages use x86-64 some specify amd64

Adding a function like this would be nice, and I think perfered, because
eventually we could be able to use these binary spells in cross-install
situations so the global function would provide one place to make that future
functionality easier to handle

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