[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 10182] spell libetpan version update needed for sylpheed-claws with imap

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------- Additional Comments From ruskie at email.si  2005-12-08 16:33 -------
Also the latest version of libetpan is ABI/API incompatible with the old one so
a rebuild will kinda be needed: quote of emails:
 Quite some time passed since I announced a new libetpan version, and
even some versions got released in the meantime. This release now is an
important step for people caring for security because libetpan now
supports asking for passphrase instead of depending the passphrase
stored in plain in the config files.

 Hope you'll appreciate it and update your depending clients in that
respect soonish so they can benefit from the new functionality. The
changes required to break the API/ABI compatibility, so be aware that
you need to rebuild your clients to use the new version.
> And is it correct that the shared library in my 0.39 version has a
> soname of libetpan.so.3 and 0.41 has libetpan.so.0?
> The full name on 0.39 was libetpan.so.3.1.0 and now I have
> libetpan.so.0.6.0.  I suppose that the version may not matter, but this
> seems different.

obviously, I did a mistake in libtool versioning.
This is fixed in CVS.

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