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------- Additional Comments From acedit at armory.com  2005-12-05 10:45 -------
If that was the case, then there should have been consensus and agreement before
the integration was done. The conversation had suggested python-libs, clearly
that wasnt your intention for the section, so it would have made sense at that
point to continue the discussion. Not to just use python-libs when its clear
that isnt the purpose. Also, Im getting further confused by this:

You also said the following:
Originally I attached the list of spells I wanted to include into this          
new section to avoid controversies. The list included only spells from          
devel and libs sections and one from http. Hence, I didn't intend to            
move *every* Python spell into the new section. ****Applications can stay           
where they are, I have no problem with that.**** Besides, most of these             
applications are not listed on Cheeseshop anyway so automated upgrades          
are not possible.        

**** added

If applications can stay where they are, what is the problem? Why is it also the
case that you want non-library stuff in python-libs? Maybe theres something I'm
not seeing here.

Note: If there is some code sharing that can be done with python application
spells and python library spells, im all for a combined section. However
python-libs is a misnomer and implies that only libraries are in the section.

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