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------- Additional Comments From jblosser-smgl at firinn.org  2005-08-28 13:20 -------
Why would we add a prefix to an init script name?  The only effect I can see
that this has is making it more difficult for admins to find an init script,
since the name is guaranteed to not match what any other distribution has.

We have a standards doc that says that we use standard names for anything found
in  http://www.lanana.org/lsbreg/init/init.txt, and prefix any others with
smgl-, but frankly don't even understand why we add the smgl- to any of them. 
Even if the scripts are home grown the services/daemons aren't, and from a
sysadmin perspective I don't care who wrote the init script, if I'm looking for
it I'm looking for it by the name of the service or daemon it provides. 
LANANA's argument is that all init scripts should use names from that list to
avoice conflicts, and that's somewhat valid, but I don't think the smgl- prefix
buys us anything there that we wouldn't get just being careful to avoid
conflicts.  Two spells with an smgl-foo script are going to conflict in any case.

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