[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 8657] nvidia_driver spell for X86 and X86_64

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> David, I appreciate that you're doing things the "right way" - we absolutely 
> need a sorcery feature that allows us to tell what arch we're casting spells 
> on and I'm glad that you requested it and that it's now in devel. But using 
> that feature before it's in stable sorcery is pointless - it's just going to 
> confuse users. You might as well not bother having the architecture check in 
> the spell at all if it's not going to work.  

Well then I'd certianly like to know how we are supposed to test new features
that show up in sorcery, so that we can be assured they are safe by the time
they reach stable sorcery, this seems like a chicken and the egg problem.
> I'm running x86_64 myself now and noticed that the SOURCE_URL for that arch 
> was incorrect, and while I was fixing that I've fixed the architecture check 
> for stable/test sorcery too. I think as soon as the SMGL_COMPAT_ARCHS feature 
> reaches stable the spell should be changed back to use that feature, but not 
> before. For the sake of 2 lines of script it's not worth confusing / annoying 
> users when they try to install what is quite a fundamental spell for a lot of 
> people. 

I wouldn't have used a check against uname I probably would have done a check
against either HOST or ARCHITECTURE because those are set in stable iirc and
they are internal to sorcery and would be safer to use.

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