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------- Additional Comments From hgr at vabo.cz  2005-04-28 03:04 -------
What about new file like UNSECURE containing list of problem versions?
If there is a security fix the actual (unsecure) version is added to UNSECURE
and spell is updated. If user security-update his/her system the sorcery just
check if the his/her actual version is mentioned in UNSECURE file. If yes the
spell is updated.

Grimoire contains spell xyz version 1.3.5-1. There is a security fix, we add
patch and increase PATCHLEVEL so the version will be 1.3.5-2. We add old
(unsecured) version to UNSECURE.

Syntax of UNSECURE:
2005-04-29 1.3.5-1
2005-02-12 1.2.8-5

After some time we can remove outdated lines.

BTW, the spell can contains SECURITY file. Is possible to mention it in the wiki
in the spellbook? I do not know its exact purpose.

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