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------- Additional Comments From acedit at armory.com  2005-04-27 17:12 -------
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> (In reply to comment #21)
> > Sergey, did you look at my comment #15 yet?  I think it's better than gentoo's
> > way, and note that it's not a flag of yes/no.  It's a way to enforce
> > monotonicity to some degree.
> It's a very lengthy format, so I don't like it too much. It's nearly impossible
> to use for support, because remembering three to five numbers is easier than
> such a long sequence. Also, these dates can only be compared if they are in the
> same timezone, and I for one would not be enthusiastic of coding timezone logic
> in sorcery.

The local time or timezone isnt used. Sorcery compares the value of the variable
taken from the spell the last time the spell was cast with the new value in the
spell. So unless two developers in different timezones updated a spell around
the same time this wouldnt come up at all. And if it did the same logic for not
decreasing the number applies if they were using counting numbers.

> I thought SECURITY_PATCHLEVEL drops back to 0 or "no" upon new version, similar
> to PATCHLEVEL. If it's an increasing number without possibility of going back,
> it'd work.

I thought i said earlier that removing the field will break the functionality in
8379, it has to be persistent and it has to monotonically increase.

> BTW, SECURITY_PATCHLEVEL is three characters longer than SOURCE_DIRECTORY, our
> longest variable in DETAILS. If we adopt it, we'll see a large number of
> spurious updates to all lines in DETAILS file, because people will try to indent
> everything else to align with SECURITY_PATCHLEVEL. May I suggest just
> SECURITY_PATCH, just fourteen characters long?

I think its too long also, SECURITY_PATCH works, I suggested just 'SECURITY'

> Is PATCHLEVEL supposed to increase if SECURITY_PATCHLEVEL increases? What would
> be the recommended full version of the spell to be used in forums and in general
> discussions, <version>-<patch>-<security>?

Patchlevel could increase on security updates, but doesnt have to, I was
planning on checking both fields in sorcery queue so updating patchlevel would
be redundant if security_patchlevel was updated. Just as with updating the
version and UPDATED now, its not needed but wouldnt hurt anything if you did it
anyway. It becomes more of a policy question at that point.

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