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------- Additional Comments From sergey at sourcemage.org  2005-04-27 16:50 -------
(In reply to comment #21)
> Sergey, did you look at my comment #15 yet?  I think it's better than gentoo's
> way, and note that it's not a flag of yes/no.  It's a way to enforce
> monotonicity to some degree.

It's a very lengthy format, so I don't like it too much. It's nearly impossible
to use for support, because remembering three to five numbers is easier than
such a long sequence. Also, these dates can only be compared if they are in the
same timezone, and I for one would not be enthusiastic of coding timezone logic
in sorcery.

I thought SECURITY_PATCHLEVEL drops back to 0 or "no" upon new version, similar
to PATCHLEVEL. If it's an increasing number without possibility of going back,
it'd work.

BTW, SECURITY_PATCHLEVEL is three characters longer than SOURCE_DIRECTORY, our
longest variable in DETAILS. If we adopt it, we'll see a large number of
spurious updates to all lines in DETAILS file, because people will try to indent
everything else to align with SECURITY_PATCHLEVEL. May I suggest just
SECURITY_PATCH, just fourteen characters long?

Is PATCHLEVEL supposed to increase if SECURITY_PATCHLEVEL increases? What would
be the recommended full version of the spell to be used in forums and in general
discussions, <version>-<patch>-<security>?

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