[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 8379] sorcery security-update feature

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------- Additional Comments From acedit at armory.com  2005-04-27 14:38 -------
What if theres another release after that and I miss that one? Certainly the
window in which i need to update will be longer, and one wonders about my
concern with security if im not updating all the time, but if at some point you
remove the value it causes the feature to stop working.

Is there something wrong with having this extra field around forever? I for one
think it would be nice to know how many security updates we've given to a spell,
sure you can get that from the history, but this is an easily discernable
number. Perhaps a more compact name (like SECURITY) would feel less intrusive

The alternative is to make PATCHLEVEL have multiple fields, but thats far less
obvious, and you still have to keep the security field there forever, so you
make things slightly more compact, but far less obvious to the untrained eye.

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