[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 8736] UPDATED behaviour is broken

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------- Additional Comments From acedit at armory.com  2005-04-27 13:26 -------
Seth is right, $UPDATED is stored in the tablet based on the value of UPDATED in
the spell at the time the spell is cast, there was a bug on this a while ago, so
yes, UPDATED is just PATCHLEVEL with a different name and the preconception that
it must be a date.

8379 can be fixed without this, but like i said in that bug, you can setup any
arbitrary scheme you want, the tablet makes this easy for sorcery:

Make tablet create store the value in a new file
Make a tablet accessor which default to the value of 0 if the file doesnt exist
Make the sorcery queue code look at the patchlevel as well
Optionally make gaze patchlevels

Then the grimoire team has to decide what they want the field to mean.

Also, the fix for 8379 could have the format of the SECURITY field to something
similar to a patchlevel rather than our broken date scheme, so in essence the
three steps above would apply for that bug as well.

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