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------- Additional Comments From eric at sandall.us  2005-04-27 13:12 -------
The reason PATCHLEVEL would be better than UPDATED is because UPDATED only works
for test (and then only if users stay up-to-date), but not for stable.

Example of UPDATED not working.
We modify package X to fix some headers, update UPDATED to 20050427 and pull
this from devel to test.
A user installs package X on 2005-04-27 from stable.
Package X eventually gets to stable with the fix and isn't updated because
UPDATED is not newer than when the package was installed.

There are many variations, all of which happen if the user casts the old version
after the package has been updated. We also can't do UPDATED more than once a
day and have it work (e.g. if we have to fix a fix or another fix comes out we
want to add) unless we put the package in the future. ;)

However, none of that is really what this bug is about and we should open a
separate bug to have UPDATED fixed to PATCHLEVEL. ;)

I think this would be a good feature to have, but that it does depend on us
either continuing to use UPDATED or switching to PATCHLEVEL, so I'd like to mark
this as depending on the PATCHLEVEL bug I just submitted.

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