[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 8646] sorcery 1.11.4: this patch correct INSTALL_ROOT features

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Mon Apr 25 23:29:12 EDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From acedit at armory.com  2005-04-25 20:29 -------
this cant effect api1 spells with custom builds since by definition it wouldnt
be touching them, could you ellucidate on that point?

I guess as for further converting (enhancing) spells it matters, but im only
concerned with breaking current spells. Many spells Im sure only need
install_root because they dont bake in any assumptions related to the
install/track relationship.

As for getting rid of track_root that would be a HUGE step backwards since
track_root does have a useful purpose. Im sad to see that still no one
understands why these variables exist and the age old problem they were meant to
solve (and do solve, at least from sorcery's perspective, since they are

By removing track_root we'd essentially revert back to one year ago when there
were a dozen interpritations of what install_root meant, all 'valid', but only
room for one of them, and there was a virtually endless debate on which one we
were implementing. It got to the point where I refused to do *any* work on the
problem or support the feature at all until concensus was reached.

track_root (and state_root) provide a means to finally end the pointless debate
on what install_root means by assigning words to the concepts related to where
files go, where they expect to be run from and who, in the end, will manage them.

I suppose I ought to go dig up the spec and discussion related to that.

Also, the problem this solves has *nothing* to do with where files are
installed, it has to do with where files expect to be run *from* which
prometheus is *not* designed to worry about. So using prometheus is a bit like
taking a hammer and treating everything like a nail.

As for spells that actually *need* install_root/track_root support, only the
subset needed for iso production are relavent. Hence my suggestion to try this
out on those spells first rather than a blanket change to every spell using the

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