[SM-Discuss] RFC: Removing bloatware

Vlad Glagolev stealth at tiberian.ru
Tue Sep 10 13:08:12 EDT 2019

These are all great initiatives, thanks Ismael!

Being able to run Sorcery with mksh sounds reasonable as well.

I'm generally OK with the G-prefix solution. I think this is what
OpenBSD does. We just need to come up with a good Tech Design on that
one and make sure we're not missing anything essential.

Thanks again!

On Fri, 6 Sep 2019 17:19:18 +0200
Ismael Luceno <ismael at iodev.co.uk> wrote:

> As you may all remember, I've been playing with musl libc, but also,
> with other stuff, to make Source Mage smaller and more efficient in
> general.
> It all started with dissatisfaction with the results and approaches of
> the GNU project. Hacking on GNU software has always been unrewarding
> (even if I favour their license), but in recent times it became clear
> that these projects are out of control in terms of complexity, and for
> no good reason.
> Nowadays Sorcery runs fine with MAWK, and even using tools from busybox
> (with some exceptions) works, something I was forced to test when
> core-utils broke during an update of the box.
> Soon, Sorcery will work fine with MKSH instead of BASH, and I'll be
> adding explicit support for pax this weekend.
> I would like to show a comparison of the results I had:
> Path      musl glibc
> /bin/cpio 132K 220K
> /bin/pax   96K 172K
> /bin/tar  408K 700K
> These are largely equivalent because it's a minimal configuration, so
> there's a huge gain from switching to musl alone.
> However, now consider it's possible to replace both cpio and tar by pax,
> as it implements the three interfaces.
> Similar situation with the shells:
> Path      musl glibc
> /bin/bash 740K 1.2M
> /bin/mksh 212K 324K
> Now, my proposal is, let's start to install GNU tools with the G prefix
> (and optionally add symlinks), and make the lightweight options the
> default.
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