[SM-Discuss] Sorcery 1.15.0 Released!

Eric Sandall eric at sandall.us
Wed Nov 9 20:19:31 EST 2011

On Sep 22, 2011, at 11:12 AM, Jaka Kranjc wrote:

> Sorcery 1.15.0 has finally been released! Yep, check the date. A long time has 
> passed since the inception, so the changelog is long and full of bugfixes, 
> optimisations and new features. Thanks to all involved!
> The release notes are worst viewed on the wiki at
> http://sourcemage.org/projects/sorcery/wiki/ReleaseNotes1150
> Here are just the big highlights:
> * sorcery queue and queue-security are now much faster by avoiding disk IO 
> (~10 times in my case) and optionally (default: VERBOSE_QUEUING=on) more 
> verbose. It displays all the reasons why the particular spell is being put 
> into the queue. For security updates it states if there was more than one. 
>    * as a side effect, also cast -Z is much faster when searching for possible 
> updates (look it up, it is very handy)
> * partly improved resurrect: better resurrection and its integration into the 
> casting process 
>    * a new tool (called resurrect) specifically for dealing with resurrecting 
> (downgrades, upgrades, cache manipulation)
> * timing functionality. It can be accessed via gaze time, gaze time-system and 
> their subcommands. The functions print various casting times. Especially gaze 
> time --full can be useful for estimating future casting time. 
> * the spell's FINAL outputs are duplicated at the end of cast 
> * when a spell fails, a short reason for the failure is displayed in the 
> summary 
> * improved cleanup algorithm when a spell fails in the dependency resolution 
> part of cast 
> * conflicts and security questions are now asked during the dependency 
> resolution phase
>    * the conflicts are then dispelled right before the spell is cast or 
> resurrected
> IMPORTANT: To get any of the benefits of staging, you need to install castfs.
> IMPORTANT: Don't forget there is now a new cool tool called resurrect.
> This release also marks a new development stream, so if you want to work on 
> any (new) features, the time is right. Bugzilla, users and me are full of 
> ideas. There are already a few projects submitted to bugzilla, but most need a 
> bit more work and polish. In any case, there's plenty of fun or painful stuff 
> to work on and I'd gladly help with any of it.
> My plan for 1.16 is to work on (more or less) what is filed on 
> bugzilla/chillizila, especially if it has attachments. And maybe the 
> completion of improved resurrect.
> Go forth and testify. But first wait for the mirrors to sync. :)

I'd love to try the latest stable, but where is it?

I still get 1.14.6 after doing a `sorcery -u` when tracking the stable branch, and 1.15.1-rc1 when tracking the test branch. Even setting a custom version of 1.15.0 fails to download and looking at our mirrors the latest version is 1.14.6 for stable.

Looking in git, there's no stable-1.15 branch to grab it from and the test-1.15 branch is 1.15.1-rc1.


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