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Mon Aug 22 20:17:09 EDT 2011

Thomas Orgis (thomas-forum at orgis.org) wrote [11.08.22 17:14]:
> Am Mon, 22 Aug 2011 14:39:41 +0900
> schrieb flux <flux at sourcemage.org>: 
> > I have it on my system. Did you try running cleanse? What version of
> > texlive?
> I have them...
> sh$ gaze install texlive|grep bin/latex
> /usr/bin/latex
> /usr/bin/latex2man
> /usr/bin/latexmk
> with texlive 20091107. That's quite old, btw. But then, I won't update texlive on this box until I got around writing my thesis. Breakage from last time is enough. Which brings me to this:
> http://bugs.sourcemage.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15918
> Was I the only one with that issue? I mean, the wrappers get installed, but are broken. If someone would comment, I'd commit my versions of the scripts. But then, current texlive upstream might be totally different.
> Alrighty then,
> Thomas.

I actually hit this issue as well, though I didn't really discover it
until about a month or two ago. I thought it was just my system for a
while because I had some other oddities going on, and wanted to narrow
down the problem and make suree it was specifically the latex itself. I
also wasn't using latex itself, as I converted my dissertation and
several other things to ConTeXt some time ago. I found the problem when
I went back to revising an older document that I hadn't converted yet.
Interestingly, upstream's stuff worked fine in the previous version of
texlive that we had. Upstream did something very silly (and difficult to
spot as the specific upstream bug).

I'm really not sure, but perhaps on some systems (or perhaps it was
intended as so in upstream texlive but they forgot to?) /usr/bin/tex is
a symlink to /usr/bin/pdftex? PdfTeX has become the de-facto standard of
TeX engines in the modern world, so it's unlikely that anyone really
wants to run only the original TeX engine, especially since PDFTeX is
supposed to be backwards compatible with it (maybe I'm wrong though). Or
maybe just the texlive packagers had it so symlinked and forgot...

Justin "flux_control" Boffemmyer
Cauldron wizard and general mage
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