[SM-Discuss] Apologies for my inactivity

Martin Spitzbarth m.spitzbarth at gmx.de
Thu Aug 11 17:17:03 EDT 2011

Hello everyone,

it's been some time since I actively contributed to Source Mage. First,
I want to apolgize for that. Well, strictly speaking the only thing to
apologize for is for not giving you a heads up.

So, what went wrong to cause my silence?

First there were some very annoying inconsistencies in my Source Mage
installation that I could not track down or solve. For example firefox
and seamonkey crashed consistently on some sites, and neither
cleansing nor a recasting could do much about it. It was
annoying enough that I didn't want to push anything to the repository
when the system I tested it on was behaving funny but not annoying
enough to wipe my disks and start from scratch. And I was quickly
running out of disk space, too, mainly due to some other operating
system that has very good support for games that can be run with wine.
Two weeks ago I upgraded my harddrives to a more modern capacity so
that I can keep regular snapshots of a stable system, experiment with
new stuff and still have plenty to spare. Problem solved.

Then I was looking for a new flat which is not that big of a deal but
it still takes some time. Fixing bugs just didn't seem important enough
for me then.

Earlier this year got a bit more busy. I'm not complaining, just saying
and it is still totally worth it. But still, no time for Source Mage.

Now that things have settled down a bit I will have some free time to
spend on Source Mage again[1]. Apart from spell updates what I really
want is some easy way to keep the stable releases going. I do hate
repetitive tasks, and doing the same thing month after month doesn't
work for me. So I thought: What about a script that sets up the stable
chroot and provides you with the necessary commands to copy and paste
step by step. That sounds easy enough for me to write and while a fully
automated script sounds great I still need to be convinced that the
results from such a thing are representative of what a user would get
from a manual upgrade.

See you around,
Martin (mar_s)
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