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flux flux at sourcemage.org
Wed Dec 8 08:32:13 EST 2010

Ismael Luceno (ismael at initng.org) wrote [10.12.08 11:40]:
> El Wed, 8 Dec 2010 10:21:26 +0900
> flux <flux at sourcemage.org> escribió:
> > Did you test it all first? It's a good idea to make sure the branch is
> > as close to perfect as possible for a merge.
> Done :).
> > Also, if you're going to have a section for emacs-lisp, why not put
> > all the emacs-lisp spells in there, instead of only the ones that need
> > special handling? I don't know what "the rest of the spells" refers
> > to.
> If git-grep tells me the truth: auctex, erc, epo, psgml, records,
> emacs-w3m, w3, bbdb, mailcrypt and gnus.
> Those packages work fine as they are... I see no reason to move them
> (besides organizational consistency).
> The packages I've moved *are broken*, like most other emacs packages
> out there in the inet, that's why they need a special section...
> Do you really think it's a good idea to move everything else there?

I'm not arguing it's a "good idea", but I don't think you could argue
it's a "bad idea". The sections are entirely arbitrary, except where
functions are defined and used for groups of spells (as in the case of
the new section you have created). However, if there is a section for
emacs-lisp and these other spells are all emacs-lisp spells, doesn't it
make more sense to put them into the new section? emacs-w3m doesn't
provide w3m or anything http in and of itself, it's purely emacs code to
get it to make use of w3m, for example.

Organizational consistency is of course the only reason to move them,
and it's also the very reason I am citing. However, I'm in charge of
Cauldron, not the Grimoire, so I will defer to others, but I do like
consistency. :)

Justin "flux_control" Boffemmyer
Cauldron wizard and general mage
Source Mage GNU/Linux
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