[SM-Discuss] protected and files under /usr/share/www

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Sun Aug 10 15:32:53 EDT 2008

Eric Sandall wrote:
> So I'm trying to re-work how web pages are handled (so I can have
> drupal update without wiping out my currently working setup) and am
> changing install_www_files (and drupal, since it sends it's own path)
> to install to $INSTALL_ROOT/usr/share/www/$SPELL-$VERSION. This will
> allow site admins time to work on updating their website to the new
> version without wiping their old config (e.g. /usr/share/www/drupal-5.9
> will continue to exist and be unmodified after drupal-6.3
> installs /usr/share/www/drupal-6.3).
> My current (and only) problem is that dispel will remove the old
> version's (e.g. /usr/share/www/drupal-5.9) files. I have tried adding
> the following regex's to grimoire/protected, but to no avail:
> ^/usr/share/www/.*
> ^/usr/share/www
> ^/usr/share/www/*.*
> ^/usr/share/www/.*/.*/.*
> ^/usr/share/www/.*/.*
> Some were just to test and see if *any* files were left alone, but they
> were not. I had drupal 5.9 installed, then updated to 6.3, and all of
> my unmodified 5.9 files were removed, so my website kerplunked. :/ I
> want our spells to not break an existing setup, as much as possible,
> and moving to versioned directories for websites is the best (since
> re-installing the same version will not overwrite modified files,
> thanks to install_www_files using install_config_files).
> Any ideas on how to get Sorcery to leave files behind as though they
> were protected, or to get an entire subdirectory under the protected
> group?

You could simply move the files after doing the update. So that they're
no longer managed by sorcery. Oh, wait, that's almost exactly what
you're proposing...

There's no good way to go about doing this, except for using xen and a
development server ;)

or virtualbox as a development server.

FWIW, I think that's the "correct" way to go about doing things. If you
upgrade stuff on a production server without testing, it's going to go

That's my opinion. I don't think we need to change it so that things
aren't tracked anymore. I think that's a horrible idea. Website
asplodage is purely an administrative mistake, IMHO, which can be
trivially avoided with a bit of time and virtualbox (or xen).


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