[SM-Discuss] Disable DPMS permenantly

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Sun Nov 4 01:46:12 EST 2007

On 22:42:04 2007-11-03 Matthew Clark <matthewclark at inlesserterms.net> wrote:
> I know this isn't SMGL-specific, but I can't seem to find an answer  
> anywhere and figured some of you veterans might have a quick answer.
> My current xorg/kde setup seems to have DPMS enabled, as shown when  
> executing `xset q`.  A simple `xset -dpms` solves my problem.  But  
> what's annoying is how DPMS is ALWAYS enabled when X is started, and I  
> can't seem to find where the setting is.  So every time I start X, I  
> have to launch a console and disable DPMS, and it's really getting on  
> my nerves.
> The DPMS option in my xorg.conf is commented out.  If there's another  
> DPMS setting somewhere, I can't find it -- I've scoured my system for  
> configuration files.
> Any ideas?  I know it must be something simple, but evidently I need a
> hint :)

man xorg.conf /DPMS


Option "DPMS"  "bool"
       This  option  controls whether the server should enable the DPMS
       extension for power management for this screen.  The default  is
       to enable the extension.

When the following is set to 0 it means disabled as well...
Option "BlankTime"  "time"
Option "StandbyTime"  "time"
Option "SuspendTime"  "time"
Option "OffTime"  "time"

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