[SM-Discuss] bzr for grimoire work

Pieter Lenaerts e-type at sourcemage.org
Sun Mar 19 03:17:37 EST 2006

so, since p4 is down (sense the irony) I started testing bzr.

first step was to get a central server ready. I went to the david's wiki
page on bzr, followed his pointer to the bzr wiki for the server style,
and noticed what they say there: "Can fall down under high loads"

so what bzr basically requires is a server that accepts emails with
patches to the grimoire, with a bot that processes these patches and
performs the merges on the central repository there.

imo this is a very bad practice. i'd say bzr won't let itself be used as
a centralized repository and be scalable...

Pieter Lenaerts
Source Mage GNU/Linux

"Linux so advanced it may well be magic"
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