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Eric Sandall eric at sandall.us
Fri Mar 3 19:27:08 EST 2006

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On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, George Sherwood wrote:
> Just want to give a short update on qt 4.1.1.  I reworked the spell
> that was in devel to install along side of qt 3.3.5.  As far as I can
> tell it works.  I was able to build psi 0.11-beta1 and all of its
> dependencies which require qt4.  Those spells are now in devel also. I
> was also able to still build the qt3 version of psi.  Though the spell
> probably needs some one else to take a look before moving to test.  I
> installed the binaries for qt4 in /usr/bin/qt4.  They have the same
> names as the binaries for qt3. The critical one is qmake.  In order to
> build a program that requires qt4, you have to mod the configure to
> make sure it finds the qt4 version of qmake in /usr/bin/qt4.  I did
> this for qca2, qca-openssl and psi 0.11-beta1.  I tried do to it using
> PATH, but couldn't get it to work and ended up using a sedit on the
> configure file. Not sure if there is a better way or not. At least the
> three spells check for qt4 in the same way.  Qt4 doesn't use QTDIR any
> more like qt3.
> That is about all that I know about it.  I am sure it needs much more
> testing.

Can we suffix the same-named files with '4' (e.g. qmake4)? Then we
won't have subdirectories in /usr/bin, but will still have to modify
packages to find the files.

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