[SM-Discuss] ipw2200

Chris Dombroski cdombroski at icanttype.org
Fri Feb 3 19:57:16 EST 2006

David Brown wrote:
>>I've got mine working with a '(unset -f echo; echo 1000 >
>>/sys/class/firmware/timeout)' near the top of the hotplug script. My
>>research found that the usual firmware loading problem is caused by the
>>operation timing out, and this line fixes it.
> I don't like waiting that's why I made modified the rules so that I
> wouldn't have to.

I don't notice any lag loading the firmware for wireless chip (I notice
the loading times of alsa and cups though). My guess would be that it
just needs a bit longer than whater 10 amounts to in

>>My understanding on the firmware is that it's related to driver version,
>>not kernel version.
> This is correct and this is also why I suggested to just install all
> of the versions, it's hard to tell from code which version(s) of the
> kernel are installed then to which version(s) of the firmware might be
> needed. So, the safe route would be to install all versions, since
> they don't conflict and they don't take up much space.

This makes sense, I've run into problems before where creating a broken
kernel image forced me to boot into a kernel where the firmware was the
wrong version and wouldn't load (the driver version had updated as well
causing the change in firmware).

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