[SM-Discuss] Apprenticing and Welcome

David Brown dmlb2000 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 20:55:53 EDT 2005

> From time to time we have new users and other people show up in IRC who
> demonstrate that they are able to debug problems and provide good fixes
> and
> patches. Our normal style is to offer these people developer rights so
> that they can fix their own bugs and further contribute to the
> distribution. Quite a lot of us probably got our start in the distro this
> way. Lately we have had a few who have declined this offer because they
> didn't feel they were quite ready for an extra level of responsibility.

Yup seen it several times...

For this reason we are going to pilot an "apprentice" system where we give
> these people commit access to the devel branch(es) only, with another full
> developer accepting responsibility to review their commits and integrate
> them to test for them. Hopefully after doing this a short while and
> getting some experience working with our system and policies these
> apprentices will feel ready to become full developers. I will be posting
> some info about this to the web site before too long.

I like this, many times I've seen people submit patch files for the linux
spell. Perfectly good patch files for new patches that work fine just the
way they are... it'd be nice not to have to copy them to the linux spell
line for line all the time.

- David Brown
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