[SM-Discuss] Vote for PR Team Lead

Eric Sandall eric at sandall.us
Mon May 9 12:24:58 EDT 2005

Quoting Karsten Behrmann <BearPerson at gmx.net>:
> Okay, I voted :) *pant*
> just a reminder to people:
> --snip--
> #  Any developer who does not vote in two (2) consecutive votes will have
> their developer status removed (wiki, SCM account, etc.).
> # Votes require a response in the vein of: aye, nay, ordered list of who you
> want (for run-off voting if more than one candidate is available), or
> abstain.
> --snap--
> (from the voting rules)
> so people, remember to vote (or at least send a mail saying "I can't",
> if you keep quiet for too long we'll presume you've gone dead and you
> may find yourself out with spring cleaning :)

Which is the intended effect. I also want to make sure developers participate in
choosing who their Leads will be (even if it's an abstain/NOTA, at least we know
you're paying attention).


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