[SM-Discuss] linux-new -> linux final push

David Michael Leo Brown Jr. dmlb2000 at excite.com
Tue Mar 29 18:54:09 EST 2005

>>Currently, when the Linux spell is cast, any directly dependant spells are
>>triggered (oprofile, alsa-driver etc.)  When they are, they are compiled
>>against the current (just dispelled) kernel. So one has to reboot and then
>>recast them.
>That's scrictly upto the spell writers of alsa-driver, nvidia_driver, etc.
>The spells should make sure they either use /usr/src/linux softlink or a
>sorcery call to obtain the version
>>Given your work on the linux-new spell, is this problem alleviated?
>No, but then again it's not my problem... ;)

Okay, I just realized that was a little inconsiderate of me...
I had just gotten done coding for four hours straight, my mind was a bit fussy

Here's a list of spells that have linux triggers, there's 32 of them...
it will take a while to go thru each of them and fix this but the spells 
I maintain I will change soon to handle this (those have * by them)
the rest in the kernels section I can get too after those are fixed.

devel/audio-drivers/alsa-driver/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/audio-drivers/podxt/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/devel/oprofile/TRIGGERS:on_cast linux cast_self
devel/display/svgalib/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/3c990/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/adm8211/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/bluez-kernel/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/cdfs/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/cloop/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/cvsfs/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/dazuko/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/e100/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/eagle-usb/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/hcfpcimodem/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/i2c/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
*devel/kernels/ipw2100_driver/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
*devel/kernels/ipw2200_driver/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/lirc/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/lm_sensors/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/ltmodem/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/ndiswrapper/TRIGGERS:on_cast linux cast_self
devel/kernels/ov51x/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/prism54/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/pwc-re/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/spca532/TRIGGERS:on_cast linux cast_self
devel/kernels/spca5xx/TRIGGERS:on_cast linux cast_self
devel/kernels/thinkpad/TRIGGERS:on_cast linux cast_self
devel/kernels/usbvision/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/kernels/zd1201/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
*devel/mobile/linux-wlan-ng/TRIGGERS:  on_cast  linux  cast_self
*devel/mobile/pcmcia-cs/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self
devel/utils/usbutils/TRIGGERS:on_cast  linux  cast_self

I don't know which ones already use either /usr/src/linux or sorcery to get the
kernel version... 

- David Brown

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