[SM-Discuss] Test apr and apr-util 0.9 in devel grimoire?

Eric Sandall eric at sandall.us
Mon Jan 24 00:17:28 EST 2005

Quoting "Sergey A. Lipnevich" <sergey at sourcemage.org>:
> Hi All,
> I've just refreshed the APR and APR-Util spells and tested them for 1.0
> branch (with httpd-dev spell that is a 2.1 branch of Apache 2). I can't
> test the apache branch 2.0 with APR and APR-Util 0.9.5 on the same
> system unfortunately, so I'm asking somebody to do that. Please cast
> apr, apr-util, and pick branch 0.9. Then try casting spell apache2.
> Please email me if there's a problem somewhere along this way.
> Also, you may want to try casting updated mod_perl to see if apache 2
> and mod_perl 2 go together, if you're using mod_perl. I tried that for
> apache 2.1 and it seems to be working fine with mod_perl 2.0.0-RC4.
> I intend to integrate these APR and APR-Util changes into test if I
> don't hear any angry screams.
> Thanks!
> Sergey.

apache2 compiled fine against apr and apr-util 0.9.5 on my machine.


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