[SM-Discuss] stuff to test for x86_64 iso image?

Benoit PAPILLAULT benoit.papillault at sourcemage.org
Sat Feb 12 05:48:45 EST 2005

Sergey A. Lipnevich a écrit :
> The install went OK. I had grub on that machine before, but because of 
> repartitioning, it's not working (error 22), so I have to boot using the 
> CD (linux root=...).

grub is not working on this ISO. It will be fixed on the next ISO (if 
not already done...).

> When I boot, sometimes the whole thing seems to pause for a few seconds, 
> then say something about missed hard drive interrupts, and then 
> continue. Probably wrong or less suitable driver. This doesn't seem to 
> happen when booting up is over.
> When I try to "cast linux" to get it to recognize via rhine as eth0, 
> everything goes ok until the actual compilation starts, right after I 
> select all the kernel options. Here, I get the following message 
> repeated endlessly:
> find: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/installwatch.so: 
> cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory

The ISO install sorcery-stable and you need the proj2 branch of sorcery 
to properly compile on x86_64. Grab it in p4.

> Needless to say that such .so does exist. I did "ldconfig" before. I 
> don't know if it's supposed to, but "ldconfig -v" doesn't have 
> /usr/lib/installwatch.so in the output.
> I'll try to look some more, but pointers are appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Sergey.

Thanks for your report,

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