[SM-Discuss] split gcc spells

Paul dufflebunk at dufflebunk.homeip.net
Wed Jun 30 11:54:13 EDT 2004

We do gain the fact that when I decide to play with Objective C for a
few days, I don't have to wait a week for gcc to rebuild with the
compiler, and when I'm done, I dont' can remove the compiler I want.
Dito for gcj. Also, it helps pave the way for the future when we have
different classes of depends like compile time depends and runtime

Unn... have I even told you about that yet? It's been a long standing
occasional request on the "would be nice to have" list.

On Wed, 2004-30-06 at 16:58 +0200, Arwed von Merkatz wrote:
> Hi,
> could anyone enlighten me what we win with the split gcc spells compared
> to a single one? The user still has to choose the right compilers when
> casting the gcc spell, so nothing has changed there.
> As far as I can see all we get is a lot more maintenance for no real
> benefit, am I wrong there?
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