[SM-Discuss] Firebird becomes Firefox

Eric Sandall eric at sandall.us
Mon Feb 9 18:18:08 EST 2004

Quoting evraire at tuwg.com:
> Hey everyone,
>   that's right: Mozilla's slimmed-down browser has changed names yet again...
> Firebird is now known as Firefox!  The good news is the change coincides with
> a new release of the browser.
>   See http://www.mozilla.org/press/mozilla-2004-02-09.html for details!
>   Jonathan Evraire
>   evraire at tuwg.com
> PS: happy spell updating! ;)

Would you mind writing up an updated Firefox spell for this and testing it? ;)
And if anyone would care to take a gander at the Thunderbird spell (btw, lets
try to keep all new spell names lower-case ;)) that'd be great!


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