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Eric Sandall eric at sandall.us
Fri Jun 27 01:37:45 EDT 2003

Dufflebunk said:
> I've always worried that the high turnover rate could be due to people
> being unsatisfied with things and quitting in disgust. But I also
> conclude from not hearing those problems voiced that it's an unfounded
> worry.

I've also had this worry, as some seem to leave abruptly and others don't
even tell us they're leaving.  :(  So I just thought I'd throw that out
there so that everyone knows we are open and that they should talk openly
of their opinions.

> Reading the guys rant, it occurred to me that I've never seen any info
> on the store we have (wherever it is). Not that I think there's a
> problem, I'm just curious how it's working out.

Ryan set it up.  I have not heard much about it, but we supposedly receive
a certain amount of money after some certain amount is made.  Here's the
site:  http://www.cafeshops.com/sourcemage

> Anyone have any idea how many people use SMGL?

Here's one.  ;)  We could also look to the memberlist of the forums (178
registered), or sm-discuss (163 registered) for numbers, though not all
users will use either of those forums, so...


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