[SM-Discuss] My experiance with Gnome2 so far...

Jon Svendsen jon-sven at frisurf.no
Mon Jul 22 19:26:58 EDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 21:49, Bearcat M. Sandor wrote:
> (Thanx Jon!).

No problem, happy to help.

> Except I kept getting errors that said 'file:///etc/xml/catalog:error:
> starting expected '<' not found.  Hmm...my /etc/xml/catalog file was
> empty (as always has been as far as I know). So I added a '<" to this
> empty file and those spells seemed to compile fine now. 
> So what is supposed to be in /etc/xml/catalog?  Talkng on #linuxhelp no
> one had heard of it.

Did you mail me on this before, and I forgot to respond, or was that
someone else?

#linuxhelp seems to suck, this is starting to become important
knowledge. /etc/xml/catalog is a directory of XML DTDs installed on your
system, GNOME needs this because it uses docbook xml for documentation. 
Your catalog is empty because of a (now fixed) bug in sorcery that
allowed the file to be removed on dispels. Getting it to work again is a
bit tricky though, but i've found the following to work:

1. dispel docbook-dtd docbook-xsl scrollkeeper (and maybe yelp)
2. rm -rf /etc/xml
3. cast -r -c docbooc-dtd docbook-xsl scrollkeeper (and yelp if you
dispelled it)

after this i think stuff should work.

> I don't know how to change my window manager to enlightenment, so I am
> just loading it instead of gnome-session.

this is simple. just run gnome as normal, then in a terminal

pkill $old_wm; sleep 1; $new_wm

then log out and check the box to save your session.

> There are quite a few things
> missing, for instance I have no calculator and recasting gnome-utils2
> does not give it to me.

I botched the gnome-utils2 spell, all it's BUILD did was set OPTS. this
is fixed in my latest update which should be available now.

> My old gtk theme (DarkAlloy) does not work  in
> gnome2 of course, but when i load up an app that works with 1.4 it keeps
> the basic colors of the theme, but not the textures. Wierd. I mean I
> have the buttons hilighting to blue, but not the blue-metal that I would
> expect. 

This I have no good explanation for. All gtk+1 themes i've tried work

> Galeon no longer works as it is expecting a file that came with nautilis
> for 1.4.

A cast --fix would rebuild galeon and fix this.

> And what really stumps me is that XMMS no longer works. My
> sound card is blocked by something. I can't run mpg123 so I dont; think
> it is really related to XMMS.  What could be blocking my soundcard. I do
> not think i have ess running.

does XMMS use alsa directly and thereby suffer from the infamous
/dev/snd permission issues. This could explain why some things (using
OSS) works and other stuff don't. Another possible cause might be that
something is _actually_ blocking the device. lsof is your friend. try
removing the volume control applet from the panel and see if that helps.

> Any comments or answers out there?:

Hope this helps,

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