[SM-Discuss] Making Gabber compile

Robin robin at kallisti.2y.net
Fri Jul 19 19:50:28 EDT 2002

On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 06:02:40PM +1200, Robin wrote:
> I have had some problems making gabber compile. The main one is that
> OpenSSL needs to 0.9.7-beta2 (beta1 may work too) due to a bug in the
> SSL code (the alternative is to patch OpenSSL). I now have another
OK, upgrading openssl appears to do more harm than good (as I found when
I lost snmp, required to update my dynamic domain), and openssh won't
build against it. I think I'll look into patching openssl instead.

> error, which I am in the process of tracking down via the gabber-discuss
> list. (Unless anyone knows what the problem with TCPTransmitter.cc is).
Found this also, it's fixed in Gabber CVS, so I might make a patch
against it also.

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