[SM-Commit] GIT changes to master grimoire by Bor Kraljič (7e7ea0a42d7aaf0dd60af2e0028213d55fc3e3d6)

Ladislav Hagara ladislav.hagara at unob.cz
Sat Jun 26 18:26:12 EDT 2010

> Dne torek 22 junija 2010 ob 22:49:46 je Mark Bainter napisal(a):
>> Bor Kraljic [pyrobor at ver.si] wrote:
>>> Please do:
>>> git checkout -b changelog_test bebfb764182bf3026a14396e0396831c54757f8e
>>> head -n10 ChangeLog
>>> This will just create a branch right after the my first commit into
>>> changelog. The one that has the line with date and name (the part you
>>> don't see). With this last commit I didn't even touch that first
>>> line... (just don't forget to get back to master branch before you are
>>> planing to do more of your commits :)) Anyway you can see my name
>>> normally in HISTORY files? (for example in
>>> audio-players/gx2osd/HISTORY) I am suspecting "č" in my name... but
>>> don't really know how can that be the problem... 
>> I can see it in that HISTORY file, and neither the commit above, nor a
>> branch after 7e7ea0a42d7aaf0dd60af2e0028213d55fc3e3d6 have the same 
>> issue.
>> I'm not sure what happened there, I even tried deleting it and then
>> checking it out again before comitting and it was still there.
> I really don't know what the problem could be... Anyone else has this kind of problem?

All is OK

Ladislav Hagara

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