[SM-Commit] GIT changes to master grimoire by Thomas Orgis (6960e5e51b6035894de686ce270467a0c38445fb)

Thomas Orgis thomas-forum at orgis.org
Tue Sep 5 04:14:08 EDT 2006

Am Mon, 4 Sep 2006 20:14:23 +0200
schrieb Jaka Kranjc <lynx at mages.ath.cx>: 

> > +  config_query  CREATE_DEV_TREE  "check for / create static /dev tree" y
> Shouldn't this query default to n, as most users do want udev?

I tried not to change the logic of the spell: Formerly, it was

if  [ "$DEVICES" != "devfs" ]; then
fi  &&

So both udev and static mode triggered the check_static_dev function, while this function then asked for creation of the static tree, defaulting to y.
What I did was to move that question out of the function and out of INSTALL (!!) into the configure stage, but not changing default behaviour.
I must admit that I feel safer when there are some device nodes as fallback even when using udev. It doesn't hurt, normally, but it shouldn't be necessary.

To change this default behaviour, that is a question that perhaps needs a bit of discussion. When ppl agree, I'm not opposing.

> Also, it cuold be just me, but "check for/create static /dev tree" is more 
> clear than "check for / create static /dev tree", I had no idea what it was 
> asking me. Check for /, create static^C

Agreed. I just didn't think of '/' being a term on its own, but in Unix world it dead sure is!


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