[SM-Commit] PERFORCE change 79107 by Juuso Alasuutari for review

Jeremy Blosser jblosser-smgl at firinn.org
Wed May 10 18:14:09 EDT 2006

On May 11, Juuso Alasuutari [iuso at sourcemage.org] wrote:
> On Thursday 11 May 2006 00:07, Jeremy Blosser wrote:
> > On May 10, Perforce Review Daemon [p4review at smee.org] wrote:
> > > Change 79107 by juuso_alasuutari at juuso_alasuutari-kamayuq on 2006/05/10
> > > 21:18:26
> > >
> > > 	Fixed usb printer node naming, added new rules, added new
> > > 	keywords
> >
> > There's been a lot of this tweaking going on lately, and 50-default.rules
> > has 224 lines by now, and the spell is looking quite complex overall.  Can
> > I ask for a sanity check... are we still installing only upstream + the
> > minimal config to make things work and leaving the rest for the local admin
> > to take care of?  Or at least making all the helpful autoconfiguration
> > optional?
> >
> > Just checking...
> I'd like this to receive more testing, yes. But I guess that's why we have 
> test, right?
> I don't know what exactly you mean by sanity check. Can you clarify?

I'm not familiar at all with udev, so I don't know what's sane and what
isn't.  I do know that there is always a tendency to "help the user out",
so when I see things start to get heavy on the config we provide, I need to
ask that those that do know it make sure we're not going too far.
> I admit the udev spell isn't as bare and stripped as possible. But udev is 
> also unlike most other programs. If we would leave it precisely in 
> its "upstream state", there wouldn't be any rules at all.

You say that like it's a bad thing.  :-)  We are the distro of choice, not
the distro of "sensible defaults".  Admins use us because they know they
can install our packages and get something that's as close as possible to
what they'd have gotten if they'd done the install themselves.
Configuration comes after install and is still up to the admin.

If everyone who uses a spell on sourcemage is going to need the same type
of basic config, we will often provide that config, but we ask before we
install it.  The bigger that basic config gets, the more true this needs to
be.  An admin should never have to 'undo' something we did that didn't also
come with upstream.

I know that udev is different due to the implications on the system and the
point it is invoked.  Like I said, I'm not familiar enough with it to have
a real opinion on what is and isn't sane.  But we have people (including
you) who do know it well enough, so I'm just asking the question and making
sure we're keeping it in mind.
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