[SM-Announce] Announcing stable grimoire 0.31 release

Arwed von Merkatz v.merkatz at gmx.net
Sun Mar 15 06:15:29 EDT 2009

Stable grimoire version 0.31[0] has been released!

As usual, users of stable merely need to run 'sorcery system-update'.
Spells listed on the 0.31[0] release wiki were tested and qualified to
have no known defects of "gating" severity at the time of this release.
The tarballs have been signed and uploaded to our server and will be
propogating out to the mirrors within six hours.

To download the grimoire manually, get
http://codex.sourcemage.org/stable.tar.bz2 or specifically

GPG signatures are available at
http://codex.sourcemage.org/stable.tar.bz2.asc or

Here's the shortlog[1] between 0.30 and 0.31:
Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik (18):
      mesalib: added smgl-gl_select support
      xorg-server: added smgl-gl_select support
      smgl-gl_select: updated to 1.0.0
      xorg-server: added a sed as per lynx' instructions
      glselect: added as a function
      mesalib: using internal glselect
      xorg-server: use glselect
      fvwm: updated DEPENDS
      .glselect/nvidia-filelist: updated
      xorg-server: libwfb is always on
      glselect.function: updated to not need lists
      smgl-gl_select: update to v2.0.0
      glselect.function: updated
      smgl-gl_select: updated to v2.0.1
      xorg-server: added a proper POST_RESURRECT
      mesalib: added a proper POST_RESURRECT
      xorg-server: updated drivers

Andraž Levstik (26):
      http/libmicrohttpd: new spell, embedable http server
      libextractor: fresh deps and disable_pic
      gnunet: updated to 0.8.0b and updated deps
      gnunet-gtk: updated and fixed up deps
      sqlite: added tcl sub dependency
      http/tkhtml3: new spell, tcl based rendering engine
      blt: new spell, some new widgets for Tcl/Tk
      devel/tnt: new spell, Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT)
      lesstif: updates for xprint death
      exim: fixed the DBM selection
      mesalib: patchlevel++
      xorg-server: patchlevel++
      xorg-server: fix for building xorg-server
      smgl-gl_select: 1.0.1, made it quiet
      xorg-server: removed unknown configure options
      smgl-gl_select: updated to 1.0.2
      smgl-gl_select: fixups for nvidia_driver
      xorg-server: add z-rej on some dependencies
      xorg-server: use NVIDIA provider
      dovecot: updated to 1.1.11
      mesalib: added sourcing of FUNCTIONS
      xorg-server: added sourcing of FUNCTIONS
      xaw3d: removed libxp
      init.d: added new option static_udev to allow using udev without
      init.d: fixed CONFIGURE to use the right function
      dbus: updated init script to be more resiliant to bad shutdowns

Arjan Bouter (23):
      faad2: fixed mp4 options and changed configure.in as mentioned in
the error message to make it build again.
      bioapi: started work on getting qt supported again
      alsa-plugins: added the missing enable/disable configure options
      libao: added missing optional dep on pulseaudio
      bioapi-linux: new spell, based on the bioapi spell. This is the
official reference implementation and it actually builds here (without
qt for now, working on that).
      bioapi: added patch to skip failing qt build checks, it now fails
at exactly the same point as when trying to build without qt ;)
      irssi: optionally build without IPv6
      pam_bioapi: optionally use bioapi-linux instead of bioapi
      irssi: fixed a tyop, thanks lynx^3
      bioapi-linux: fixed INSTALL
      libprelude: version and fixed source url
      libpreludedb: version and fixed source url
      prelude-manager: version and fixed source url
      prelude-lml: new spell, prelude log analyzer
      prelude-correlator: new spell, prelude alert correlator.  This
spell doesn't build yet, can someone take a look at it?
      samhain: version 2.5.3
      motion: version 3.2.11. latest release but has trouble building...
anyone up for this? ;)
      drm: added options to use the r6xx-r7xx-support branch this branch
enables dri for ati/amd r6xx and r7xx based cards
      xf86-video-radeon: added options to use the r6xx-r7xx-support
branch this branch enables the use of xv and provides 2D acceleration on
ati/amd r6xx and r7xx based cards.
      rxvt-unicode: use either libafterimage or afterstep itself for
      golem: deprecated, doesn't build anymore.
      aewm: corrected sha512sum, if anyone has the old sources please
check the changes...
      wmii: builds again

Arwed von Merkatz (9):
      VERSION: 0.31-test
      awesome: updated to 3.1.2, fixed dependencies
      VERSION: 0.31-rc
      Revert "module-init-tools-3.6"
      Revert "libxcb: => 1.2"
      poppler: work around one circular depends issue with gtk+2, cairo
and poppler, partial fix for bug 14872 (cherry picked from commit
      Revert "xcb-proto: => 1.4"
      cairo: freetype2 is hard depends, not optional (cherry picked from
commit 75d99bbf47cfc12b9da8433bcd7152cb64bf830f)
      VERSION: 0.31-0

Bearcat M. Sandor (5):
      altered PRE_BUILD to reference gcc patch
      mpc -  Updated version to 0.15 and changed source url to
SOURCEFORGE_URL as original page source page seems no longer maintained.
      qtmpc first submital of spell
      forgot Changelog entry for kde4-apps/qtmpc
      Updated picard to version 0.11

David Kowis (7):
      moinmoin: new version with security fixes
      bugzilla: to latest version which includes security fixes
      Revert "bash: => 4.0, post-3.2.48 release"
      Revert "readline: => 6.0"
      xen-hypervisor: newest version and get it from the source
      xen-hypervisor: lets make this a bit less brittle
      xen-tools: version to latest and from the real source

Elisamuel Resto (15):
      mail/postfix: experimental branch updated to 2.6-20090114
      utils/rsyslog: updated devel to 4.1.3 and stable to 3.20.3
      mail/postfix: experimental branch updated to 2.6-20090212
      disk/lvm: added make_single so builds don't break
      net/nfs-utils: merged local repo testing changes with test
grimoire nfs-utils
      libs/libgssglue: new spell, a library that exports a gssapi
      libs/librpcsecgss: new spell, a library that implements rpcsec_gss
(RFC 2203)
      libs/libnfsidmap: new spell, a library holding mulitiple methods
of mapping usernames to id's and visa versa on nfs mounts/exports.
      utils/ipv6calc: new spell, a utility to convert IPv4/IPv6 and MAC
addresses to different formats
      disk/uif2iso: new spell, utility to convert UIF CD/DVD image files
to ISO
      disk/daa2iso: new spell, utility to convert DAA CD/DVD image files
to ISO
      disk/uif2iso: updated to 0.1.7a
      disk/daa2iso: updated to 0.1.7b
      net/ddclient: updated to 3.8.0
      mail/postfix: updated stable to 2.5.6 (bugfix release)

Eric Sandall (36):
      plasmoid-netgraph: Removed, no longer maintained and doesn't
compile with stable KDE4, use system monitor plasmoid
      git-cvsserver: Added Xinetd script to start git-cvsserver as
      stgit: Updated to 0.14.3
      font-{tex,x11}, xorg-font: Override Sorcery's
default_post_resurrect to do TeX/X11/foma specific font generation Part
3/2(sic) for Bug #14552
      mplayer: Add query (default n) for IVTV, fix from Vasil Yonkov
Pass MPLAYER_IVTV to OPTS Fixes Bug #14977
      mplayer: Removed old variable change code from 2006
      hal: Note that Julien's probe-serial.patch fixes Bug #15062
      hal: Enable optional dependency on consolekit Seems to be working
here and no notes on why it's disabled
      kbd: Include linux/types.h before linux/serial.h Based on Julien's
hal/probe-serial.patch Fixes Bug#15064
      cups: Include linux/types.h before linux/serial.h Based on
Julien's hal/probe-serial.patch Fixes Bug#15065
      libxfont: Removed debug echo's
      kdelibs4: Now requires pcre
      util-linux: Updated stable to 2.14.2
      linux: Added patch-
      linux: Added patch-2.6.29-rc4
      linux: Added patch-2.6.29-rc5
      wine: -disable-debug and --disable-trace are no longer supported
--without-xvidmode -> --without-xxf86vm for xf86vidmodeproto Use --with
to enable xf86vidmodeproto, not --without
      wine: Removed LDFLAG fix for WINE Bug #2095 (fixed about a year
      wine: Fix WINE Bug http://bugs.winehq.com/show_bug.cgi?id=17406
      wine: Remove extra newline
      evolution-exchange: Removed duplicate dependency on
evolution-exchange Second dependency includes -sub LDAP
      openldap, evolution-data-server: Add support to enable Exchange
      xf86-video-ati: Updated to 6.11.0
      xf86-video-ati: Cleanup spacing
      libdrm: Updated to 2.4.5 Required by at least xf86-video-intel
      xf86-video-intel: Updated to 2.6.2
      libvirt: Optionally depends on kvm, lvm, and parted
      hdparm: Updated to 9.12
      libvirt: Updated to 0.6.0
      virtinst: Updated to 0.400.1
      virt-manager: Updated to 0.6.1
      Revert "libvirt: Updated to 0.6.0"
      virt-manager: Suggest dependencies on libvirt and virtinst for
local operations, as these are not required for remote operation.
      gtk-vnc: Updated to 0.3.8
      gtk-vnc: Optionally depend on NS-PLUGIN-COMPATIBLE for a browser
plugin. Install browser plugin README if plugin is requested
      FUNCTIONS: build_qt3_or_4, qt4_cmake_build and qt4_build should
not source /etc/profile.d/qt.sh as that is for *qt3*

Ethan Grammatikidis (15):
      python-xlib: 0.14
      arora: PRE_BUILD deleted. patches no longer work or seem needed
      arora: forgot to remove paths_fix.patch
      arora: finally added history entry (backdated)
      cwrapper: shortened SHORT
      drawterm: shortened SHORT
      gtk-engines: fixed for x86_64
      fish: 1.23.0, new WEB_SITE, new SOURCE_URL
      xorg-app/xsel: New spell
      xsel: added DEPENDS, fixed file perms
      xsel: moved to section x11
      fish: fixed compile (added xsel dependency)
      xsel: DEPENDS: corrected xorg-libs -> individual libs
      fish: DEPENDS: added ncurses
      fish: depends -> runtime_depends for xsel and bc

Florian Franzmann (4):
      audio-libs/libshout: updated to 2.2.2
      video/transcode: updated to 1.1.0
      perl-cpan/event-execflow: updated to 0.63
      video/dvdrip: updated to 0.98.9

George Sherwood (56):
      firefox: Updated to version 3.0.6. SECURITY_PATCH++
      tar: Added REPAIR^all^ too many versions of POST_REMOVE file. Bug
      xulrunner: Updated to version  No release version yet,
using scm due to security vulnerabilities. SECURITY_PATCH++
      tar: Only have true in the POST_REMOVE file to prevent error.
      squid: Updated to version 3.0.STABLE13
      zope3: Updated to version 3.4.0
      imagemagick: Updated to version 6.4.9-1
      xfce-mcs-manager: Added depends libxcursor. Bug #15058
      filezilla: Updated to version 3.2.1
      evolution-data-server: Updated to version
      evolution: Updated to version 2.24.4
      apt: Updated to version
      imagemagick: Updated to version 6.4.9-3
      gparted: Updated to version 0.4.2
      gparted: Updated to 0.4.3.
      lifelea: Updated stable to version 1.4.24
      xulrunner: Release version of xulrunner is finally
released. PATCHLEVEL++
      proftpd: Updated to version 1.3.2. Removed unneeded patches.
      linux-initramfs: Added patches from Bug 15069. PATCHLEVEL++
      imagemagick: Updated to version 6.4.9-4
      liferea: Updated devel to version 1.5.10
      mountmanager: Updated to version 0.2.6
      tn5250: Updated to version 0.17.4
      alltray: Updated to version 0.70. Updated WEB_SITE
      Changelog: Found mispelling
      boo: Updated to version Fixed WEB_SITE and SOURCE
      simplejson: depends setuptools
      Revert "libxfont: => 1.4.0" xorg-server 1.4.2 and 1.5.3 will not
build against libxfont 1.4.0 due to missing header fontmod.h. Confirmed
with two users.
      libsoup: Added optional_depends gconf2 so it will build without
      xfce4-xkb-plugin: Updated to version
      liferea: Updated to version 1.4.26
      centerim: Updated to version 4.22.7
      midori: Updated to version 0.1.3
      filezilla: Updated to version
      vsftpd: Updated to version 2.1.0.  Removed patch 14863.diff.
Builds with no errors here.
      libproxy: Added new spell for auto configure of proxies.
      libproxy: left out HISTORY
      libsoup: Updated devel to version 2.25.91. Devel depends libproxy.
      libproxy: Fixed long description
      libsoup: If gnome support is requested, depends gonf2 and for
devel version libproxy.
      imagemagick: Updated to version 6.4.9-6
      samba: Updated to version 3.3.1
      sqlite: Updated to version 3.6.11. Added upstream patch to fix
build problem. http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/chngview?cn=6300
      gnucash: Updated to verison 2.2.9. No long depends swig.  Now
depends gtk+2, gnome-vfs2 and libgnomeui
      libogg: Added libtoolize -f to PRE_BUILD. Fixes issue with new
      moc: Removed patch incorporated upstream.  Appears they changed
the source and didn't version bump.  No integrity failure since we are
using their key and sig. Bug 15087.
      goffice-dev: Updated to version 0.7.3
      gnumeric: Updated devel to version 1.9.4. Added depends
scrollkeeper for devel version
      gnumeric: depends rarian vice scrollkeeper
      xfce4-screenshooter-plugin: Updated to version 1.5.1
      imagemagick: Updated to version 6.4.9-7
      liferea: Updated devel t0 version 1.5.11
      gnome-desktop: Updated to version 2.24.3.  Old version was failing
to build for me.
      icon-naming-utils: Updated to version 0.8.90
      tango-icon-theme: Updated to version 0.8.90
      pan: +x DETAILS. Bug 15017 (cherry picked from commit

Ismael Luceno (3):
      mkvtoolnix depends on boost with regexp support
      kbd programs are needed at boot-time, so install them in /bin
      http/aolserver: new spell, America Online's web server

Jaka Kranjc (7):
      hplip: 2.8.12
      amarok: gcc43 fixes for two components
      xkeyboard-config: 1.5
      amarok: ammended one of the include fixes thanks Julien
      amarok: fixed the sedit mixup
      smgl-setup: mention g++ to avoid #14544
      pbzip2: 1.0.5

Julien ROZO (23):
      kdegames4: updated stable version to 4.2.0
      soprano: updated version to 2.2.1
      amarok2: needs qt4 with STL support
      memtest86: updated version to 3.5
      live: updated version to 2009.01.26
      sdl_gfx: updated version to 2.0.18 removed PRE_BUILD and
sdl-gfx-2.0.17-gcc43.patch.bz2, as they are no longer needed
      Revert "sdl_gfx: updated version to 2.0.18"
      sdl_gfx: updated version to 2.0.18 removed PRE_BUILD and
sdl-gfx-2.0.17-gcc43.patch.bz2, as they are no longer needed
      hal: added a patch to fix compilation issue with latest kernel
      qzion: new spell, a canvas abstraction used by and made for QEdje
      qedje: new spell, a bridge between edje and qt
      kdebase-workspace4: added qedje as an optional dependency, to
enable edje scriptengine in plasma
      libtunepimp: in gcc43.patch, added patch on mp4.cpp, to fix
compilation issue
      ktorrent4: source tarball has been changed upstream, including
fixes for compilation on kde 4.2 (http://ktorrent.org/?q=node/27)
      ktorrent4: updated version to 3.2
      virtualbox: updated version to 2.1.4
      virtualbox-module: updated version to 2.1.4
      glew: updated version to 1.5.1 added PRE_BUILD to remove Windows
end-of-line in sh script fixed precedent HISTORY entry, y3k8 is far away
      cimg: updated version to 1.3.0, fixed SOURCE in INSTALL, revamped
plugins and examples installation
      pm-utils: new spell, a small collection of scripts that handle
suspend and resume on behalf of HAL.
      wicd: new spell, a wired and wireless network manager
      poco: new spell, C++ class libraries for network-centric
      clamfs: new spell, fuse based filesystem for clamav on-access scan

Juuso Alasuutari (9):
      amb-plugins 0.4.0
      mcp-plugins 0.4.0
      utils/das_watchdog: New spell, watchdog for realtime processes.
      coreutils: Add optional Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel
(SMACK) support.
      kde4/konqueror4-plugins: New spell, plugins for Konqueror 4.
      mesalib: Fix git build.
      coreutils: Fixed SMACK patch to work with coreutils-7.1. <rant>
WHEN UPDATING A SPELL AS CRUCIAL AS THIS,   or any other spells for that
matter,   DO  NOT  NEGLECT  TO  CHECK  THE  PATCHES  !!!!!!! </rant>
      doxygen: Fix setting of QTDIR. (Sourcing /etc/profile.d/qt.sh is
incorrect          as this file comes from qt-x11, not qt4.)

Ladislav Hagara (86):
      disk/btrfs-progs: new spell, btrfs filesystem utilities
      gnutls 2.6.4
      binutils 2.19.1
      x86info 1.24
      lsscsi 0.22
      iso-codes 3.6
      openldap 2.4.14
      ht 2.0.16
      libidn 1.12
      lshw B.02.14
      libtool 2.2.6a
      paperkey 1.1
      gimp 2.6.5
      hdparm 9.11
      libewf 20080501
      libtool: added UP_TRIGGERS if you know about another broken spells
add them to UP_TRIGGERS
      jhead 2.86
      jhead 2.86, SECURITY_PATCH=1
      joe 3.7
      joe: updated WEB_SITE
      docbook-xsl 1.74.1
      totem 2.24.4
      totem-pl-parser 2.24.4
      udev 138
      ne 2.0.2
      docbook-xsl 1.74.2
      dhcpcd 4.0.11
      man-pages 3.19
      libextractor 0.5.22
      whohas 0.23
      hplip 3.9.2
      coreutils 7.1
      ghex 2.24.0
      stellarium 0.10.1
      ChangeLog: fixed typo c== -> c++
      openssh 5.2p1
      openssh SECURITY_PATCH=4
      shared-mime-info 0.60
      faad2 2.7
      faac 1.28
      gnome-speech 0.4.25
      mtpaint 3.30
      iasl 20090220
      gnome-mplayer 0.9.4
      shell-term-fm/gnuit: new spell, GNU Interactive Tools
      gstreamer 0.10.22
      gst-plugins-base 0.10.22
      gst-plugins-good 0.10.13
      gst-plugins-ugly 0.10.10
      gst-plugins-bad 0.10.10
      gst-ffmpeg 0.10.6
      gst-python 0.10.14
      emelfm2 0.5.1
      gthumb2 2.10.11
      docbook-xsl 1.74.3
      gconfmm 2.24.0
      fbreader 0.10.3
      gtkhtml2 3.24.5
      mpfr 2.4.1
      lvm: bye, bye device-mapper starting with lvm 2.02.43, the
device-mapper files are included in lvm "cast lvm" now builds only
device-mapper or both device-mapper and lvm discussion:
      linux-initrd: bye, bye device-mapper
      dmraid: bye, bye device-mapper
      lilo: bye, bye device-mapper
      evms: bye, bye device-mapper
      cryptsetup: bye, bye device-mapper
      cryptsetup-luks: bye, bye device-mapper
      device-mapper deprecated, provided by lvm from now deprecation
comleted by UP_TRIGGERS, see
http://bugs.sourcemage.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14683 seems much better than
      dhcpcd 4.0.12
      whois 4.7.30
      gsasl 1.0
      udev 139
      php 5.2.9
      leafpad 0.8.16
      gst-plugins-good 0.10.14
      gss 0.0.25
      opensc 0.11.7, SECURITY_PATCH=1, CVE-2009-0368
      ecryptfs-utils 71
      libarchive 2.6.2
      iproute2 2.6.28

Mark Bainter (2):
      dansguardian: Version bump to, major update from 2.8.x.x
Expanded configuration options and dependencies               Replaced
build script to reflect improved build from upstream
      dansguardian: Fixed 32bit system detection - logic was backwards

Remko van der Vossen (7):
      xshttpd: Devel version 37b06, Stable version 36g01
      xshttpd: sedit to compile with python > 2.5
      rubygems: version 1.3.1
      pango: made X support optional
      cairo: added missing optional depends libxcb
      cairo: Removed depends libpng, is already optional_depends
      iptables: xtables compile fix, fixes bug 15015. (cherry picked
from commit d2887a34132c0d803f0255f30a7fcb660c914fda)

Thomas Orgis (6):
      koffice: fix build with gcc-4.3
      kino: bump to 1.3.3
      kdelibs: fix build by not using kernel inotify header
      kdepim: fix build (inotify header mess)
      arts: build fix wrt limits.h
      kde-i18n: fixing version magic for 3.5.10 .

Treeve Jelbert (135):
      kdegames4 -add patch to fix compile problem
      ruby-raa/fireruby - new spell
      gramps - extra depends
      FUNCTIONS - add PREFIX to qt4_build
      deprecate printer/exaro-lib [replaced by ]
      deprecate printer/exaro-libs [replaced by ]
      digikam4: =>0.10.0-rc2
      kipi-plugins4: => 0.2.0-rc2
      cimg: => 1.3.0
      tokyocabinet: => 1.4.7
      wv2: => 0.3.0
      Revert "deprecate printer/exaro-lib [replaced by ]"
      xextproto: => 7.0.5
      pixman: => 0.14.0
      libx11: => 1.2
      libxext: => 1.0.5
      libxfont: => 1.4.0
      bzr: => 1.12
      bzr - update history
      lazarus: => 0.9.27-18751-20090219
      kde4-apps/quassel: new spell - kde4/qt4 irc client
      xcb-proto: => 1.4
      libxcb: => 1.2
      soprano: => 2.2.2
      quassel - fix typo
      telepathy-glib: => 0.7.26
      commoncpp2: => 1.7.1
      ccaudio2: => 1.0.0
      xf86-input-evdev: => 2.1.3
      xf86-video-vesa: => 2.2.0
      libburn: => 0.6.2
      netpbm: => 10.26.60
      lcms: => 1.18
      k3b4 - add CONFIGURE file
      amarok2 - add CONFIGURE file
      digikam4 - add CONFIGURE file
      kdenlive4 - add CONFIGURE file
      kipi-plugins4 - add CONFIGURE file
      partitionmanager - add CONFIGURE file
      kphotoalbum4 - add CONFIGURE file
      quassel - update CONFIGURE
      glpk: => 4.36
      libdrm - add support for experimental nouveau
      privoxy: => 3.0.11
      fpc: => 2.2.4rc1
      fpc - fix symlink
      fpcsrc: => 2.2.2
      lazarus: => 0.9.27-18800-20090223
      wbxml2: => 0.10.3
      mobile/libwbxml - new spell
      deprecate mobile/wbxml2 [replaced by libwbxml]
      cairomm: => 1.8.0
      tokyocabinet: => 1.4.8
      rename wbxml2 > libwbxml
      cmake: => 2.6.3
      kaffeine4: => svn
      tokyocabinet: => 1.4.9
      cherokee: => 0.99.0
      pylons: => 0.9.7
      turbogears2: => 2.0b6
      repoze.who: => 1.0.10
      repoze.what: => 1.0.4
      simplejson: => 2.0.7
      decorator: => 3.0.0
      decorator: => 3.0.1
      reportlab: => 2_3
      python-pypi/repoze.what-pylons - new spell
      ctags: => 5.7
      wine: => 1.1.16

Vlad Glagolev (145):
      linux: =>
      nginx: new spell, HTTP server and mail proxy server
      file: => 5.00
      xfsprogs: => 3.0.0
      dmapi: => 2.2.9
      xfsdump: => 3.0.0
      postgresql: => 8.3.6
      php: suhosin patch
      openldap: added cyrus-sasl subdep
      sudo: needs OpenLDAP with cyrus-sasl support enabled
      libsndfile: => 1.0.18
      linux: =>
      wireshark: => 1.0.6
      xdebug: => 2.0.4
      git: =>
      galculator: => 1.3.4
      traceroute: renewed urls
      gnu.gpg: added key 9F759EEC (Tony Abou-Assaleh <taa at acm.org>)
      grep: => 2.5.4
      man-pages: => 3.18
      poppler: => 0.10.4
      supybot: new spell, cross-platform IRC bot written in Python
      mpd: => 0.14.2
      python3000: => 3.0.1
      transmission: => 1.50
      p7zip: => 4.65
      util-linux: => 2.14.2 (aes)
      webkitgtk: => 41017
      geany: => 0.16
      sion: spell deprecated, renamed -- new name is gigolo
      gigolo: new spell, formed from sion: frontend to manage
connections to remote fs using GIO/GVFS
      bluez: => 4.30
      trac: => 0.11.3
      znc: => 0.064
      lighttpd: => 1.4.21
      lobj: => 0.10.0
      lgui: => 0.22.0
      ldraw: => 0.9.0
      vlc: fixed compilation with no glx installed
      vlc: fixed glx flag
      libpng: => 1.2.35
      linux: =>
      mysql: => 5.0.77
      mysql: fixed big tables bug for 32bit systems
      geanyvc: fixed, on geany's recompilation
      readline: => 6.0
      bash: => 4.0, post-3.2.48 release
      ChangeLog: newline between 2 dates
      Revert "lcms: => 1.18"
      pygobject: => 2.16.1
      python: fixed installation if INSTALL_ROOT is non-default
      python3000: fixed installation if INSTALL_ROOT is non-default
      python{,3000}: how did I forget this?!
      psycopg2: => 2.0.9
      mpd: needs recompilation on faad2 renewal
      gigolo: => 0.2.1
      sqlite: yet another compilation fix
      mpd: fixed deprecated/changed flags for dependencies
      suds: => 0.3.4
      openldap: => 2.4.15
      nginx: fixed temp dir path
      xfburn: => 0.4.1
      znc: => 0.066
      znc: 0.066 is a security update
      libwnck: startup-notification _IS_ optional
      geanyvc: => 0.5
      xfce4-dict-plugin: spell deprecated
      xfcalendar: spell deprecated
      xffm: spell deprecated
      dbh: spell deprecated
      libxfce4mcs: spell deprecated
      xfce-mcs-plugins: spell deprecated
      xfce-mcs-manager: spell deprecated
      libxfce4menu: new spell, menu library for xfce
      xfce4-settings: new spell, settings manager for the Xfce desktop
      xfconf: new spell, configuration manager for xfce
      libxfce4util: => 4.6.0
      libxfcegui4: => 4.6.0
      xfce4-icon-theme: set static 4.4.3 version
      exo: => 0.3.100
      xfce4-panel: => 4.6.0
      terminal: => 0.2.10
      mousepad: => 0.2.16
      gtk-xfce-engine: => 2.6.0
      thunar: => 1.0.0
      xfce4-session: => 4.6.0
      orage: => 4.6.0
      xfdesktop: => 4.6.0
      xfwm4: => 4.6.0
      xfwm4-themes: => 4.6.0
      xfce4-appfinder: => 4.6.0
      xfce-utils: => 4.6.0
      xfce4-dev-tools: => 4.6.0
      xfprint: => 4.6.0
      xfce4-mixer: => 4.6.0
      XFCE 4.6.0
      xfce-plugins: new section, containing panel/filemanager plugins
for XFCE
      xfce4-xmms-controller-plugin: removed, deprecation process
      xfce4-minicmd-plugin: removed, deprecation process completed
      xfce4-showdesktop-plugin: removed, deprecation process completed
      xfce4-windowlist-plugin: removed, deprecation process completed
      xfce4-taskbar-plugin: removed, deprecation process completed
      xfce4-profile: fixed dependencies for 4.6.0 release
      xfwm4: fixed non-existent date
      xfce-plugins: added me as maintainer
      thunar-archive-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      thunar-media-tags-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      thunar-thumbnailers: moving to xfce-plugins section
      thunar-volman: moving to xfce-plugins section
      verve-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-battery-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-cddrive-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-cellmodem-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-clipman-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-cpufreq-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-cpugraph-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-datetime-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-diskperf-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-eyes-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-fsguard-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-genmon-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-mailwatch-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-mount-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-mpc-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-netload-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-notes-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-places-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-quicklauncher-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-screenshooter-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-sensors-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-systemload-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-wavelan-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-weather-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-xkb-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-xmms-plugin: moving to xfce-plugins section
      xfce4-xkb-plugin: removed useless sig
      xfce-plugins: updated changelog entry
      transmission: => 1.51
      ferm: => 2.0.5
      trac: added pytz as suggest dep
      trac: KISS
      epdfview: => 0.1.7
      libisofs: => 0.6.14
      radare: => 1.2

[0] http://wiki.sourcemage.org/Stable-0.31
[1] Generated with: 'git shortlog --no-merges stable-0.30-3..stable-0.31-0'

Arwed v. Merkatz                              Source Mage GNU/Linux developer
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