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Hi Lawrence! Yes I do know Ute she is one of the directors of Irish Seed Savers!

Yes at Santa Cruz I worked in Chadwicks garden (which is called the 'UP GARDEN') amazing what 40 years of intent and cultivation can do!

I would be of the same mind as Chadwick in many ways except maybe the continuous double digging every year,I think that this could interrupt the fungal hypae and make the soil too bacterial but saying that it was an amazing experience and it is a truly beautiful place!
 Ah Collards I love them as do my friends from the south,they didnt go down too well in California a bit like Kale here in Ireland which is looked down upon as an animal food!

Im in County Clare Near Seed Savers which is in East Clare near the town of Scarriff but hope to be moving to County Kilkenny which is further east!

All the best Kevin D
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> kevin dudley wrote:
> > Hi Lawrence!
> > I too was saddened by what has happened to Kent Whealy but this issue 
> > was bound to come up sooner or later as the multinational companies 
> > search for genes!
> > I have worked for the seed Savers in Ireland for over 10 years and the 
> > nub of it is that these resources belong to the whole of mankind even 
> > the fools who wish to own it!
> Do you know Ute Bohnsack and her work developing seed saving resources?
> At one time she maintained a big online FAQ on international seed saving 
> groups.
> > At the end of the day as long as they don't stop us from saving and 
> > working with our own seed they can and will get on with their own agendas.
> > I think after spending 6 months studying at the Centre for Agroecology 
> > and Sustainable food Systems at U.C.S.C the situation in the states is 
> That is where Alan Chadwick spent time developing his permanent French 
> biointensive raised bed method of gardening. Did you ever see the 
> gardens he and his crew built? I have some transcribed lectures he gave:
> http://www.ibiblio.org/ecolandtech/orgfarm/permaculture/Alan.Chadwick/
> > the same as here in Ireland.That whilst those at the top are dithering 
> > figureheads the real work is being done at grass root level. Inner-city 
> > gardens in the huge citys and all over our countries people and 
> > comunities are learning how to grow the soil,plants and seeds and 
> > this IS happening!
> > I dont want to belittle the great work that Kent has done for us all but 
> > we need to be possitive as negative anger reduces what it is we have 
> > todo and there is a lot to do!
> We do need to maintain a positive approach. Easy these days as so any 
> people are interested in seed saving and food production on all levels.
> Its a growing movement, a happening thing, as you say!
> > Hope you have a fruitfull prosperous year..........Kevin D 
> Thank you Kevin! I am looking forward to a great year! I have incredible 
> soil, plenty of water, great hand tools and at least a starter 
> collection of seeds to plant! After years of spending all my time 
> building soil quality in raised beds I am now looking at seeds available 
> to me for vegetable varieties I am interested in growing. So far, among 
> the hundreds of companies in business, I have become interested in the 
> offerings from:
> Rupp Seed
> Johnny's Seeds
> Bountiful Gardens
> Fedco
> Mountain Valley
> Nichols
> a N.C. company I like, Clifton Seed (in collards country)
> Where in Ireland are you located?
> Cheers,
> Lawrence
> http://venaurafarm.blogspot.com
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